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Build a Data Culture

Self Service Analytics

Single Data Platform

All Data Sources in One

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Dive Deeper

See Information hidden in your data

Actionable insights on demand

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Trends and Patterns in Attendance Data

With Dashboards

Achieve Milestones

Aligned Monitoring

Focus Area 1

Focus Area 2

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Build a Monitoring Program

Prescriptive. Repeatable. Proven.

With Dashboards

Analytics for Everyone

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Any device. Any time.

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And Develop Employee Engagement

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To improve outcomes and quality
Experienced Or Beginner
Any device. Any Time.

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Outcomes Across Domains to
Identify Correlations

With Dashboards


Data views with 1-Click Dashboards

With Visualization


The Information in Your Data

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State-of-the-art features and benefits

Advanced Internet security

Secured, encrypted SSL/TLS connections.

Share your Data Story

“This is 100% easier than how I'm running my program now.”

“Extremely great customer service.” 

“My 5-year plan is all manual and very time consuming - you just produced a very colorful, detailed, very professional product for me to present with a click.”

“I Love it, I love it! Oh my gosh!”

“This system would be key for directors and a tremendous benefit to programs -you'd have us review ready every day using data to make decisions just like OHS is asking us to do.”

“This saves us hours from working with spreadsheets.”

“This encompasses everything we do. You've provided the missing piece of an e-system we've been looking for.”

“We have 7 binders just for health subject area to achieve a report and visual that it took you a second to create.”

“I have one big fat mess when creating reports - you have something beautiful for me.”  

“Takes me 15 documents to show our current monitoring process, with DataSay it's one click.”

“Gives me a lot of information at hand - what has been done, what needs to be done.”

“I cannot say enough for the amazing customer service we have received.” 

“This will eliminate over 1/2 my spreadsheets, manual notebooks and OneNote.”

“We have google docs but that doesn't analyze my data, report on it or roll it up.”

“If we have a need or a want, you find a way to do it, and quickly.” 

“This is so much more efficient than what we were doing.” 

“I believe the DataSay support team to be the most helpful and responsive of any company I have ever dealt with. Not just in business, but any company anywhere, bold words, but it is true.” 

“The DataSay customer support and training is superb.” 

“We would recommend DataSay for anyone that desires continuous program monitoring . . . in other words every Head Start program!!!”

We Can Help You

Too much data? Data in multiple systems?

With DataSay's live dashboards and visualized data, streamline, visualize, and -

Drive Decisions with Data

You are being asked to do more with less. Let your data help pave the way. Target resources more effectively with data driven decision-making.

Analyze Trends & Produce Reports

Trend analysis and reporting offer program transparency and ensure early intervention.

Track Findings Accurately

Ongoing monitoring against performance standards enables you to find and track your strengths and weaknesses, better target your resources, and achieve your goals and objectives.

Implement Standards

A comprehensive and effective implementation plan ensures you are complying with local, state, and federal standards.

Structure & Control Your Data

Data collection is not enough. It's how you structure, store, and share your data that lets you evaluate and act on your data to achieve positive outcomes and continuous program quality improvement.

Meet Compliance Standards

Compliant programs receive infrequent, shorter, less intense, less time-consuming reviews. Noncompliance leads to more comprehensive reviews.

Increase Safety

The safest early childcare programs monitor themselves. Concerns are identified and addressed early. Children are safer.

Achieve Quality

Meeting regulations is only the first step to quality. Ongoing monitoring and program improvement are the gold standard of a quality program. It’s not just about compliance.

Visualizing data is good for you . . .
understand and replicate what's working!

What We Do

Provide a single, unified, secure cloud-based platform to visualize all your program data with dashboards and visualizations, conduct annual self-assessments, and document your data story for FA1 and FA2 reviews !

  • Internal Data
  • External 3rd Party Data
  • Real-time
  • Drill Down
  • Dashboards
  • Evaluate

  • Act

  • Achieve Quality

From question to decision, act on your data

Why DataSay

  • Real-time, On Demand Dynamic Dashboards
  • Analytics for Beginners and Experts
  • Data Storage, Data Processing, Software Licenses included
  • State-of-the-Art Security
  • Secured, encrypted SSL/TLS connections
  • Cloud-based system with infrastructure collocated at third party SSAE 16/SOC 2 audited data center
  • Easy to Use
  • Save Time
  • Integrate Data
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Achieve Quality

Implement performance standards
Monitor your progress and outcomes
Create and conduct any review type

From a simple playground inspection to a comprehensive annual self assessment. We've got you covered with our simple, easy to use review builder.

  • Preloaded Performance Standards
  • Federal childcare guides
  • Childcare best practices
  • Track findings
  • Create corrective actions
  • Any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Share and assign reviews
  • Analyze results
  • Act on your data

Exceed Compliance and Achieve Quality

who we are

DataSay is a technology company on a mission to help you connect your data dots. Visualize your data with drillable data dashboards to reveal the information in your data, see trends, replicate strengths, and achieve excellence!

  • 10+

    Years driving decisions with data

  • 20K+

    Data dashboard reviews

  • 60K+

    Findings mapped and analyzed

Powered by our team's technical expertise and systems.
Align your goals and outcomes!